Head Office

Head Office Wakasugicho 25, Gifu-shi, Gifu, 500-8743 5
TEL:058-273-6521 FAX:058-278-0220
From south gate Gifu station It takes approx.10 minutes by taxi
From Shin-Gifu station in Meitetsu Line It takes approx.10 minutes by train and walk
From Nagoya Station It takes approx.20 minutes to arrive in JR Gifu station by train
From Gifu-Hasima station in shinkansen line It takes approx.30 minutes by taxi

Main Factory

Main Factory Yaiaza Shinmei 130-1, Motosu-Shi, Gifu,501-0417
TEL 058-320-0007 FAX 058-320-0009

Tokyo Sales Office

Tokyo Sales Office Hamamatsu-Cho 1-9-3, Minato-Ku, Tokyo,105-0013
TEL 03-3434-8471 FAX 03-5472-8752

Osaka Sales Office

Osaka Sales Office Kawanaka 6-10 Higashi Oosaka-Shi, 578-0902
TEL 072-961-3451 FAX 072-960-2112

Sendai Sales Office

Sendai Sales Office Iwakiri 3-2-20, Miyagino-Ku, Sendai-Shi, 983-0821
TEL 022-255-7177 FAX 022-396-1061

Kyushu Sales Office

Kyushu Sales Office Higashihie 2-20-1, Hakataku, Fukuoka-shi, 812-0007
TEL 092-411-7353 FAX 092-415-5317

Kita-Kanto Sales Office

Kita-Kanto Sales Office Tsukunawa-Machi, Takasaki-Shi, Gunma,370-0075
TEL 027-370-1015 FAX 027-370-1016

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